กระโถน กระถาง เขียนถึง หลวงพ่อ ชา ภาษาอังกฤษ

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จากหนังสือ กระโถน กระถาง ที่ ชยสาโรภิกขุ เขียนเกี่ยวกับ หลวงพ่อชา

You were a fountain

of cool stream water

in the square of a dusty town,

and you were the source of that stream

on a high unseen peak.

You were, Luang Por, that mountain itself,


but various seen.

Luang Por, you were never one person,

you were never a person,

you were always the same.

You were the child laughing

at the Emperor’s new clothes, and ours.

You were a demand to be awake,

The mirror of our faults, ruthless kind.

Luang Por, you were the essence of our texts,

the leader of our practice,

the proof of its results.

You were a blazing bonfire,

on a windy bone-chilled night,

how we miss you!

Luang Por, you were the sturdy stone bridge

we had dreamed of.
You were

as at ease

in the present

as if it were your own ancestral land.

Luang Por, you were

the bright full moon

that we sometimes obscured with clouds.

You were as kind as  only you could be

You were as hard as  granite,

as tough as nails,

as soft as butter

as and sharp as a razor.

Luang Por, you were a freshly dripping lotus

in a world of plastic flowers.

not once did you lead us astray

you were a lighthouse for our flimsy rafts

on the heaving sea.

Luang Por,

You are beyond my words of praise and all description.

humbly, I place my head

beneath your feet.


(เมษายน 2538)

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