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International Forum–The suspicious eyes (1)

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Japan seen from the outside “Why?”

written by:  Professor Dr. Preeya Ingkaphirom

The story that happened was an event that occurred four years ago. The time when I was teaching Thai language to Japanese students at a private university in Tokyo, Japan. It’s a  new semester. That year, I entered the classroom with complacency.

I wanted to know my students who wanted to Learn Thai language came from where.  For example, every year there are a few students who choose to study Thai. With surprise in that year there were only male students who chose to study Thai.

I  know he is a very serious student who studied Thai  language when he was fresh man and sophomore year . In addition, he is a quiet student, so he will not be in line with my eyes, no matter how much I explain or give various stories. For some reason his gaze is he is  often looking at my chest.

It is easier to teach a language class where there are few students rather than teaching a student in class. Not only the teacher but also the students will have the tendency to  be tensed and tired.

No matter how much I explain Or tell him stories. He never looked or caught my eyes even once. On the contrary, his eyes would staring at my chest.

(to be continued)

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