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International Forum– the suspicious eyes (2)

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Japan seen from the outside “Why?”

written by:  Professor Dr. Preeya Ingkaphirom

    At first, I didn’t care much, but because he was just gazing at my chest, I was getting a little uncomfortable and nervous.

I wondered if there was some stains on my chest or the chest button of my clothes was off.

I gradually became anxious because I couldn’t settle down. Even so on that day, I managed to finish the class and go to the next week peacefully.

The next week,  he did exactly the same as the previous week by suspiciously looking around at my chest while we were in class.

I finally became unbearable and asked my student.”

“Do you have anything that you don’t understand?” He replied that there was nothing.

At that time, I thought “he kept looking at me with such suspicious eyes then, there was no way he would understand what I taught him in class.”

then I said ” Well, then please explain and make a summary of what you have learned in class.”

Contrary to what I thought about him, he was able to explain properly and proved that he fully understood what he studied in the class. Therefore,

I decided to ask him directly what bothered and made me felt uncomfortable from the previous week.

I asked  “Well, would you mind if I ask you a strange question.”

The student nodded his head, then I asked him, “Why don’t you look at my eyes during the class when I am teaching you. But I noticed that you looked at some where else? Was the class boring?”

He replied, “Not at all, the lesson is very interesting.”  I pursued him that if it is interesting, why doesn’t he look at my face?

He said “Don’t look at the other person’s eyes, for example, during an interview. I was taught to look at he second button from the top of that person would be safe.”

(to be continued)



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