snow at John 16 2013March

Life in Long Island–New York (3)

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Snow and snow storm

snow at John 7 2013March

our first snow in Long Island

Winter here is very cold, the weather is very acute and the temperature goes down to -10 or -20 degrees Celsius. Not only the weather is  very cold on top of that there will be snow, and snow storm keeps coming. When the snow fell heavily then the power went off, at that time, we had just arrived in this cold Long Island.  Moving from California which had no snow to a very cold weather here, we did not know how to deal with the acute weather.  Suddenly, when the power was off for a few days our first experience was 6 days.

With no knowledge or because of our ignorance. We moved in the mid-winter in February.All the food in the refrigerator turned bad and no longer edible.  We never had power off for a few days in California. Therefore, we did not have gas to cook rice or our food. At that time, we were quite panic not knowing what to do. Fortunately, we had a small gas stove which we bought made in Japan called Hibachi with us at home. It helped us survive from the cold. Thanks to Hibachi, we cooked simple food to eat. It made us realized that life in Long Island was so different from California. Since then we learned how to cope with the cold weather here better.

The first snow storm

snow at John 23 2013March

Let me go back to the first time after living here in Long Island. It was ten years ago when we moved to Long Island. We never thought It will be that cold and there will be a lot of snow. The day we arrived was the day that the next day the snow would fall heavily. When we went out for shopping at the supermarket.

We can’t help wondering why all the vegetables and fruits that are sold on the shelf at the big supermarket why there are not have much left to buy. Or even chicken and fish are almost nothing left to buy as well.


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