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Life in Long Island –New York (1)

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Leaving for a  jet plane

Early July of each year. We will leave America for England. It is our long summer vacation.

Our front lawn in the US

our front yard


At our home where we live in America. In summer weather will be very hot and humid. It is so humid that the sweat will be all over our body and head. When winter comes here where we live it will be extremely cold. It is very common that the temperature will go up to -10 or  -20 degrees Celsius. Whenever it snows, it will snow heavily and it is difficult to go out when all the roads inside the village and in town will full of snow.  Therefore, in winter we have made our decision to skip winter here in the US and enjoy our time at the beach in my beloved country  Thailand.

When summer comes we will  have our long summer vacation England.

Heading to England

This year, we started our traveling on July 2, 2019. Every time when we leave for our  home where we live in America, a place of nowhere in Long Island. Even though we are in NY but the place where we live, is not in the New York city.  There is almost nothing in our area or neighborhood, not even a theater, mall or even a coffee shop like Starbucks. If we  want to have  a cup  eat coffee at Starbucks we have to drive about 20 minutes.

our front 1 2014

Nature is very beautiful at our place

The only one library

The good point that we like a lot about the house we live in is in Long Island is we have a library which is close to our place.We checked out many books, video, music etc.

from our local North Shore Library. At least, the library acts as a consolation for people like us who like to go and spend our time at the library. It is fortunate that the library is

Borrowing books is considered lucky and is a library that is not far away from our place. It takes about ten minutes drive there and we can borrow books as many books as we like to.


(to be continued)


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