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Life in Long Island –New York (2)

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Beautiful nature but terrible weather

    The place we live now is very cold. The winter is about eight months long, starting from the end of October. Even the time when came back from Thailand in April. Our home in Long Island was still cold and had some snow but not as much as January and the snow will still on and off until March. Even though entering the beginning of April, the weather is still cold as like winter in Japan. Therefore, even in April, we still have to turn on the heater until the end of May.

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Beautiful Nature at our place

Migratory birds

   We moved out of the West coast from California which has good weather and warm to The East coast here in Long Island, New York. Because my spouse has to come here to build his microscope.

Eventually, we decided to move to another side of the coast, which is to the East coast of America. Moving from a very good climate in California to the East coast has made a big change in our daily life, because the weather in winter in Long Island is very acute, therefore, we decided that before the real winter is coming we will fly back to Thailand. Because we  cannot tolerate the cold  weather.

For the first time, we departed in mid-December. But in reality that decision to leave in mid-December was not a good idea. Because a few days before we left for Thailand it snowed quite often. I was worried that it snowed heavily and the snow piled up on the road to carry all of our luggage from the place where we live which is very provincial would be a hassle.  On top of that, the transportation from our place is very old-fashioned local train which runs slowly and takes long hours to arrive at Jamaica station where we have to change to air trains to go to the John F Kennedy Airport.

 After two years of choosing to go back to Thailand in mid-December, we know that we have to change the departure date faster. So we left our place in early November. And we will spend about four months in Thailand until the weather is less cold then we will fly back to Long Island again.

Therefore, in a year we will be like birds that migrate when winter comes, we will migrate from America to Thailand.

trees at BHH 3 2017

our home in Thailand, in the garden


When summer comes we will leave the hot and humid in Long Island and fly to a cooler place in England. We will take our long summer vacation in England, visiting many places to learn new things and enjoy our time in England.

When it starts to be winter, we will leave for Thailand. Before going to Thailand, we will spend few days in Japan where I spent my teens and work there more than 20 years. Therefore,  Tokyo is like my second home. Our few days in Tokyo, we will spend our time at Japanese Inn, enjoy Japanese Kaiseki and hot spring, seeing our old Japanese friends and my Japanese mom before leaving for Thailand.

After a few months in Thailand, in early April we will start to migrate to Long Island again and we  are ready to work hard again.

(to be continued)

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