The beauty of Sakura in Japan.

Japanese is fun–My Terakoya

Japanese is fun, Terakoya

Hello everyone,

Welcome everyone who visited Preeya Temple School or in Japanese language is Puriyaa no Terakoya (プリヤーの寺子屋)


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This website was established in 2007. At that time, it was a time when Thai teenagers were very interested in Japanese and Japanese culture.

I started by helping Ann, a Thai student, who had never learned Japanese language. But she is interested and felt in love with everything that is Japanese.

She created her own website called That was the time I knew about her website. It was the time I went back to Thailand for 3 months. I had

the opportunity to contact and know Ann. She asked if I can help her teaching Japanese in her website for Thai people and students who want to learn Japanese, culture, and Japanese society.

I had been helping her for a while. Then, I began to feel a little uncomfortable that I have to use the space on her website.

Therefore. I went out to create my own Japanese language school called  Preeya’s temple school or Puriyaa no Terakoya (プリヤーの寺子屋).

The purpose for my school is to help Thai people, and Thai students who are interested in learning Japanese, want to know about Japan,

and have a chance to study Japanese language directly from my website and FREE!

Preeya Temple School was very active in the last ten years. There were students and people signed in my website to ask many questions about Japanese and Japan.

However, the school was opened for a few years and suddenly my Temple school was hacked. All the information in the school that had been posted all

disappeared. Only the structure and name’s of the classrooms of the Preeya Temple School remains. I was not discouraged when the school was hacked and

all the data was disappeared. I tried to put the information lost back to the school again. After that, the students and learners came to study again as usual.


gakugei dai no haru
gakugei dai no haru

My new school was established again in the year 2018, because the students cannot attend school. It might cause from the errors occurred when the host of the website transferred all the data of my school and made some errors. The result was I can not log in my school.  This was the second time that Preeya Temple School had no chance to recover.

However, at the end of last year 2018,  we tried to set up Preeya Temple  School. With the help of my spouse. He kindly helped me set up a new Preeya Temple School, therefore, now I have my new school  back again for the second time.

It was such a pity and I felt regretted that  about fifty thousand people who visited  had no school or  shelter to study and read the articles as before.

This time mostly articles in this website will concern about Japanese language, culture, Japanese society, as well as interesting stories about United States of America.


As for the new look of Preeya Temple School or Puriyaa no Terakoya (プリヤーの寺子屋)in order to prevent hacking problems and people who do not wish well

will sneak in and post the inappropriate advertisements at our School. It is necessary to have some preventive mechanisms. That is, we need to make my school safety by requesting those who want to participate and visit this website to register so that all of you can make comments or introduce any interesting articles or stories. Then, I will unlock and check if it is safe and appropriate or not.


I really like Spring in Japan
I really like Spring in Japan

Preeya Temple School will include various contents of Japan, especially Japanese language and articles that I used to talk  and write in various journals published in Japan .

Stories about the United States of America, where we now are living, as well as about United Kingdom , where we visit places in UK every year. I will also added in many interested stories in many fields ranging from health care, eating, good and valuable books that I read  and want to share with others as a tip of knowledge.

Preeya Temple  School never has any advertisements.  All the articles are written and posted by me. Most of  the posts all are my personal work.

I welcome every one  who visits my website and likes to share or forward any articles in the website to your friends , please feel free to do so. Only one request that is  please kindly refer to the source,  e.g. from what website?  And  don’t forget to give credit to the the author of the article. It is necessary and important etiquette that should not be ignored.


Best wishes,

Professor Dr. Preeya Ingkapirom




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