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“Internationalization” –through the eyes of a former Thai student study abroad (5)

Japan and culture

As Named “internationalization”

After I worked at the National Language Research Institute for a while.  I was approached by the officer at the research institute who asked me whether I have not thought of converting to Japanese nationality. Because if I am not going to be naturalized I will not be promoted to be the head of the my research section and I will not be able to work as a administrative manager. At that point of  time, of course, I intended to continue working in Japan.  Therefore, at first I  have been thinking  of converting to have Japanese nationality.

Since I intend to continue working in Japan for the time being, I initially decided to take Japanese citizenship. However, when I think about it, I was not convinced that I should be naturalized to become a manager while adopting foreigners as a symbol of “internationalization”. Also, if I could do my own research, I didn’t feel that I need to be a manager. However, there may be times that I would like those who have decided to treat me this way just because I am a foreigner and ask them to  think of it in terms of their own position,

Generally speaking, juniors who are hired later than me, who are younger, have fewer achievements, and have less academic background, are successively promoted to managerial positions, When I was in a situation that only I who would not be promoted until retirement. I wondered if I would be able to continue working on my work without losing my motivation.

This is in contradiction with the purpose of the Special Measures Act, which aims to advance education and research by appointing foreigners, and to contribute to the promotion of academic international exchange. Or, it can be said that Japan proves herself that the “internationalization” is the title finished only in the subject.

What is required in the course of work is everyone is the same as others, but in reality the fact that one has foreign nationality, then one is treated different from others is contradictory to the concept of  “internationalization” is clearly obvious to everyone.

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