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“Internationalization” –through the eyes of a former Thai student study abroad (3)

Japan and culture

Absence of academic freedom, “Internationalization” is merely the subject

When I first went to study in the United States, the country where I had freedom There is a sense of self to exchange ideas and discuss with others with ease. It’s a new atmosphere that makes me think that if students don’t understand anything students will raise questions to ask. Then, the instructor will answer the student questions until the student understands. If the instructor has explained yet the students still do not understand. Next time, the instructor promises that  he will explain it again. I have never had experience in Thailand or Japan, even when in an academic conference researchers who were the presenters, then, in the next section when they attended the sections as participants, they would  not enthusiastically ask  any questions.

Looking back at high school, I received a warning from Thai teachers that I asked too many questions. Since then, I decided not to ask any questions to Thai teachers. When attending university Instructors in American universities , If studying in the classroom did not understand instructors will allow students to ask questions until they understand. And teachers are willing to answer students’ questions.

Since then, I never thought about asking Thai teachers. As for Japanese language courses taught by Japanese teachers I will personally ask Japanese teachers after school. In fact, studying in Japanese universities does not differ from teaching in Thailand.  I can say that when I went to study in the United States. I made my way of studying as comfortable as possible and I can ask questions, and exchange opinions in the classroom.

By the way, even when I became a researcher in Japan, and attended a conference or a conference. The conference was held in a very solemn atmosphere, with respect to the form, with careful and hard language. The direct proceedings were avoided as much as possible, and the proceedings proceeded carefully while paying attention not to hurt anyone’s feeling.


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