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My beloved country ” Siam the Land of  Smile”

It was so nostalgic whenever I step my feet on the “Siam the Land of Smile”. I asked myself  I was not sure how many years since  I left my country to a foreign country alone to take my own adventure in  “Japan” or the “Land of Samurai” or “The Land of Cherry Blossoms”.

Wait! Where am I now?! Have I really settled down somewhere for sure since then?

Well, yes, and no.

This is something that I do not intend to think or write about it. It seemed to be too long the time to even think about it.

Now, let’s face the fact . There is nothing to hide. Yes,  I did leave my country many years ago. Now where am I I kept asking myself. I am still not living or coming back for good in my beloved country where I was born.

When I went back to Thailand after quite a few years studying in Japan and Thailand. The moment I stepped out of the air plane and walked down to the ground floor. I felt like I was surrounded by the Holy Spirits in July 1985. Yes, my country is a Buddhist country and we have temples almost every where we go in my country. My country is also a tropical country.

When I asked my former students about the weather in Thailand. The answer is hot, hotter and hottest. Most of my friends asked me “do you have winter in Thailand”. Yes, of course, but my winter in my country is the most pleasant season, the time I still can wear my short-sleeves and I still can sit at the beach to enjoy our time!

Many years have gone by, even now, I am not still not in Thailand as a graduated student with a degree in my hands to show to my Dad as in 1985.  Looking back at that time, I am glad that my Dad had the chance to see me coming back to Thailand with my degree after many years of not being with him in Thailand. I am sure he must be proud of me ( I hope so).

I always what my Dad told me. I like to talk with my Dad and I learned a lot about his childhood in China and when he settled down in Thailand.  When I was a child he used to tell me that “even you are a “girl/woman” if you want to pursue your study, working hard  and study as much as you can, for me don’t worry that you are a girl and not  a boy!

I remembered my Dad’s words very well and since that day I had set up my dream and told myself that one day I will graduate with a degree and I will absolutely remind him what he had told me when I was a child.

I did it and I had pursued my dreams, finally!


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