Back to the “East Coast”


On April 6, 2019 we came back to our home in America. The weather here at NY where we live in general was terrible, dark,cold and wet.

Fortunately, the day when we arrived at JFK airport, it was sunny and not so cold. I was so glad to see that it was not that cold. My surprise did not last long. It might be just a  warm “welcome” sunny day for us after leaving here for a few months as we always do.
Time flies so fast! the more I try to catch up with my time. It seemed to be it is faster than usual. I told myself to slow down a bit and live with the time might be more fun and relaxing.
In July we are going to visit UK again. It really stimulates me to move on so that I can enjoy my time in UK. I know I get bored easily. Isn’t it nice to have something to looking forward to!

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